About Me

I love to read but don't always have the time.  I am trying to change that and make more time for reading.  My favorite genre is young adult.  I will read practically any genre from mystery to western, though as long as it is fiction.  I have a really hard time reading nonfiction.

Why young adult?  I love YA books because I may be in my twenties, but I am still young at heart.  My husband thinks that I want to relive my high school days.  Maybe I do?  Wouldn't it be cool to go to high school as the person you are today?  I would be more mature and less awkward, well hopefully.  I love reading about teenagers and the things they are going through, whether the issues are real life or totally make believe.  I didn't have the best high schools years (who did?) and I love reading about characters who may have had an even worse time than I did.  Or maybe a better one.  I also really like that YA books usually aren't as trashy as some adult fiction can be (not all the time but I have stumbled into this situation a few times).  I love a good romance novel but I want some substance.     

I don't offer super deep reviews.  I am more interested in reading a book and stating what I did or didn't like about it.  I am also more interested in finding out what other people thought of the books I read and the dialogue that can ensue.

I would love to hear from you if you love to read too!