Monday, August 16, 2010

The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

Lori lives for summertime on the lake. She spends all season wakeboarding, swimming, and hanging with her friends -- including the two hotties in the house next door. With the Vader brothers, Lori's always been one of the guys.

But while Lori and the "baby" brother, Adam, are inseparable friends, she can't deny a secret crush on Sean, the older Vader boy. This year Sean's been paying Lori a lot of attention, and not in a brotherly way.

But just as Lori decides to prove to Sean she's girlfriend material, she realizes that her role as girl friend to Adam may be even more important. And by trying so hard for the perfect summer romance, she could be going way overboard.... (

I bought this fun dual-book while shopping a couple of months ago. I have been craving another summer read (I love summer books!) and I looked on my bookshelf and found The Boys Next Door/Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols. I didn't know it at the time I bought it but I love Echols' writing! I just read Forget You fell in love with her writing. So, long story short, I picked up this dual-book and read away (it's a little intimidating 'cause it's like 600 pages but it was actually a quick read)! For review purposes, I will split them up.

I loved this summer story. I always love stories where a girl grows up with a bunch of boys. If you liked The Summer I Turned Pretty and its sequel It's Not Summer Without You, you will love this story too. Gosh, I love those two books.

Anyway, Lori's story is really good too. Lori is really good at wakeboarding. I like when a MC is sports-inclined. Don't ask me why. I am not great a sports but I like when a MC is. The beginning of the book made me a little antsy. I was squirming in my seat, literally because Lori is trying too hard. I mean, flaunting a bikini? But just because I wouldn't do it doesn't mean she can't. I began to get comfortable with Lori's character. I am so glad she has Adam. Sean is a jerk face.

Loved the ending. It made me want more.

This book is great, so great in fact that readers demanded a sequel. If you want an awesome summer read, this is it. Now's the time.

Overall: 5/5

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