Monday, August 16, 2010

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

This is part-two to an earlier post, The Boys Next Door (which is why I'm not including a synopsis, sorry!). This is the sequel to that novel. I really loved The Boys Next Door. Endless Summer was great, but not as good as Endless Summer. I think this is because there wasn't anything major in the plot for Lori. It was mostly just Lori and Adam being kept apart but a good story none-the-less.

Interestingly enough before I read Endless Summer, I thought about a sequel for Forget You. So, I emailed Jennifer Echols and she responded super fast! She is really nice! I usually don't email authors because most of their web sites will say that they are too busy to reply to emails. But lo and behold this excerpt from Jennifer Echols' email to me:

"I would never say never to a sequel. I didn't think I would write a sequel to The Boys Next Door, but I did eventually.

However, at the moment I can't imagine writing a sequel to Forget You. I design my romantic dramas to be stand-alone. The characters have big problems that they overcome (mostly) by the end of the book. A sequel would naturally be an anti-climax."

This made my day! I enjoyed Endless summer. I began to really like Lori. This book was a little Romeo and Juliet, as even Lori points out during the story. Who doesn't like a little R&J? I really liked the ending. This sated my summer-read craving for now.

You best believe I am going to read more of Echols' work. Next in line is Going Too Far.

Thanks Jennifer for writing me back!


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