Monday, August 16, 2010

The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Life is looking up for D. J. Schwenk, star of Dairy Queen. She’s made it to eleventh grade, she’s reconnecting with her best friend, and she’s got a thing going with Brian Nelson. But best of all, she’s playing for the Red Bend High School football team—as the first female linebacker in northern Wisconsin.
But then the season goes suddenly, horribly wrong: her brother Win is put into the hospital after getting a devastating injury during a game. Once again, D.J. is forced to step up and be there for her family. It’s a heavy burden, even for D.J.’s strong shoulders. She’ll have to dig deeper than she’s ever had to before (

This is the second book in the Dairy Queen Series. By this point I am totally in love with D.J. and Brian. The author has given D.J. such a great voice.

This was a really great book. Not as good a Dairy Queen but still really great. It's hard for me to distinguish specific things in this book's plot because I read all three book in about a day and half so they all kind of run together in my mind. I can say this, these books definitely got me ready for football season! Go Broncos (Denver and Boise)!

How flippin' cool is it that D.J. is a football player? This takes is a whole new spin on a bad-A chick MC. I want to be D.J.'s friend. It is so sad that Win gets hurt. The plot in this book is really great.

I really hate that D.J. and Brian have such a hot and cold relationship. It's understandable, though because it's essential to the plot. I did make me more interested in the book.

I love the writing, the characters and the plot. Awesome series.

Overall: 5/5

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